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Protect, nourish and grow your trees with the latest in tree growth technology - Pneumatic Vertical Mulching & Ray Trenching

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Pneumatic Vertical Mulching & Liquid Fertilizing

The pneumatic method of vertical mulching and fertilizing enhances the soil and tree relationship, thus uniting the tree with the soil. This procedure fractures heavy clay soils and creates greater pore space for aeration of the tree root system.

Soil and Tree Relationship - Soil Remediation

Trees can look hardy above our clay soil while their roots are stressed through soggy weather or drought. The Back Tree Service Pneumatic Vertical Mulching system relieves root stress and allows moisture and oxygen to penetrate to the roots. Utilizing this high pressured pneumatic tool we can provide the roots the necessary pore space. With a greater balance of oxygen, nutrients and moisture, we enhance beneficial microbial activity stimulating healthy tree root growth.

Soil Fracturing enhances and accelerates the remediation of sites with problem soils such as we find in the Greater Cincinnati tree service area.

Smart use of compressed air

Fracturing is conducted using "down hole" fracturing equipment designed for various soil types at shallow depths and low operating pressures.

The forced air clears away the soil without damaging the roots and utilities such as wires, pipes, sprinkler systems or invisible fencing.

Normally, roots extend much further than the drip line of the tree. And the best feeder roots are found within the top 8"-12" of soil. 


Our pneumatic tool, uses high pressure air to gently create a vertical hole about 8" to 12" deep and the diameter of a golf ball. It fractures the soil creating pockets and lateral channel paths that make way for a life giving balance of water, oxygen and nutrients to reach the root system.


On a mature tree the technician will begin installing holes 2'-3' away from the base of the tree and continue 3' on center under the entire canopy and will finish 3' beyond the drip line.

Liquid pressure root fertilization can be now made directly into a tree's root system boosting its vitality and health.

Ray Trenching

Ray Trenching is the process of installing trenches away from the tree in a radial pattern approximately 8" to 12" deep. This allows irrigation, aeration, reducing soil compaction and better drainage.

As a result, there is a balance of nutrients, oxygen and moisture to the tree root system. Trenching pattern radiates out from the tree like spokes in a wheel.



The trench is refilled with a soil blend of organic matter and fertilizer and then reseeded.

This process leaves the perfect environment for healthy roots to develop and grow. The entire area is cleaned up, grass is sown and in just a few weeks the trenches are hard to spot.



The result is very healthy trees that are resistant to drought. Twig growth is great, even during a drought period.The lawn may be under stress in a drought, but not the tree.

Ray trenching produces healthy trees even in poor quality soil or poor drainage. Ray Trenching is good for both young and mature trees.


There are many reasons why mulching makes sense.

Mulching protects trees from equipment damage (e.g. mowers, string trimmers, etc.) and reduces compaction due to pressure of foot traffic, or equipment. It also redirects good root structure.

A blanket of mulch offers temperature control, moisture control, microbial activity including earthworm activity, enhancing aeration, nourishment and nutrient distribution.

Mulching improves tree health helping to keep trees insect and disease resistant.

Mulching reduces weed growth and provides a natural look for trees, pathways and prevents rain damage to the tree.

An aesthetic, natural look is produced and weed growth is reduced thus increasing property beautification and value.

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